Thursday, September 17

The outer band of the tropical depression followed us down the coast as far as Charleston, but we missed most of the rain. We seemed to be outrunning it! One of the visitors centers has an adjacent parking garage that can hold a big rig while the humans trot around the city. Perfect compromise! We spent the rest of the day exploring the historic district & parks and made the loop on foot by sunset.

Charleston is a captivating city for a first-time visitor. Everything around you feels “Old World” in a distinctly colonial way. The historic homes, cobblestone streets, moss-drenched walls, and ancient live oaks breathe stories from the Civil War to the Revolution to the original days of the planters. There is an original “French quarter” and an array of aristocratic blocks along Meeting Street. Intricately carved gravestones line the walkways with tender recognition of early colonial loved ones from many different backgrounds.

WARNING: Tons of photos ahead. Don’t judge.

That “Pineapple Fountain” in the album above? We watched a proposal take place there at sunset 🙂

I wouldn’t go back to Charleston without another stop at the “Blind Tiger Pub” on the historic row. The 200-year-old building was renovated from the original alehouse to a Prohibition-era dive to a modern incarnation. One of the best stops of the trip!

Next stop: Magnolia Gardens

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