Myrtle Beach

Monday, Sept. 14

All the way across South Carolina! Next stop, North Myrtle Beach at Apache Pier (the longest wooden pier on the Atlantic). But not before Max stopped to assist an elderly couple with a flat tire 🙂 As we neared the ocean, a brief sun shower treated us to a full end-to-end view of a rainbow. We had some delicious seafood for dinner, and talked for a while with a very friendly Ukrainian waitress who told us how many years she had to work to be able to live in the US.

Monday, Sept. 14

The ocean was looking bright and fine for our anniversary (one great day of beach & bike!) We checked out Myrtle Beach proper which was mostly built in the 70s, and still has a “vintage resort” feel. The Broadway & Ocean Boulevard are lots of fun to explore and not too crowded. The little fresh market around the corner had THE best mangoes I’ve ever eaten!

As Wednesday rolled around, the waves started churning and rain showers from tropical depression aka Sally changed the tune.

Next stop: Charleston, South Carolina

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