Freelance art offers a tangible connection to the past & the natural world. The elemental pigments used since the time of our earliest ancestors remind us of the organic link we share with all life on earth. The ageless creative process still sparks the same journey of wonder & curiosity that leads us to transcend beyond what we know.


Please inquire for pricing. Large artworks available by appointment.

“Lenny” 16×20 Pastel on Suede
"Heron with Fish" 8x10 Pastel on suede painting by Archelon Studios
“Heron with Fish” 8×10
“Great Blue Heron” 8×10
Historical Portraits etc.
“Shoshone” 14×24 Original Pastel on Suede (Framed)
Acoma (20x24 Original Pastel on Suede, Framed) | Archelon Studios
“Acoma” 20×24 Original Pastel on Suede (Framed)