Archelon Brand

Why Archelon?

AR-keh-lon. The Greek name for a giant prehistoric sea turtle – in fact, the largest sea turtle the earth has ever known. This king of two worlds was a legendary predecessor to the creature known across the civilizations and immortalized in myth and art.

The Symbol

The sea turtle is revered in cultures around the world as a symbol of creation, resilience, and longevity, from the Polynesian “honu” to the primordial “Turtle Island” of Native American origin stories.

The turtle moves seamlessly between two worlds, beginning life on land and trekking into the ocean, where it moves in timeless harmony with the water, protected by its durable shell. This magical flexibility & self-sufficiency represented to ancient cultures the value of patience and peaceful coexistence.

The Glyph

The “glyph” used in variations of the Archelon Brand is inspired by the pictographic sketches of the letter “A” by Futura font designer, Paul Renner, in the early 20th century. The simple brand mark suggests the primeval representations of ancient cave paintings & petroglyphs, and the universal symbol for renewal & creation.

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