Monday, September 21

Back to the beach! Carabelle is a tiny fishing town on on the eastern side of Florida’s Scenic Highway 98 (about 20 minutes from Apalachicola, opposite the more popular Emerald Coast. The inconspicuous campsite sits casually on the Gulf shoreline, nestled among a cluster of national forests & conservation areas. Carabelle’s small local beach is just up the road.

We walked to the far edge of a secluded, completely natural white sand beach leading to salt marsh inlets just across from St. George’s island. The hermit crab is king of this shore! While sea shells were sparse, we found the most ornate snail shells in every imaginable color, all sheltering opportunistic little crabs. The laughing gulls kept us entertained with their addiction to the Pringles chips we carried for beach snacks.

Tuesday, September 22

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